What is the Postdoc?

‘The Postdoc’ is a site about everyday postdoc experiences.

What is a postdoc?

A postdoc is someone who has a doctor title that no one uses, not even the insurance company. The term ‘postdoc’ (prefix post and root doc) indicates that the person has passed a milestone (the doc bit) but cannot yet be called anything else that would be remotely meaningful. In effect, he or she is in limbo, waiting to be a referentiable entity again. The waiting typically lasts many years, in which a large proportion of postdocs turn irremediably mad.

Are those stories true?

Yes, they are all 100% true. If you are interested in the various possible meanings of true, I recommend starting with the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry for an overview of the issue. Be warned that I myself do not entirely abide by the Tarskian notion of correspondence.

It’s a nice format, those tiny stories…

Yes, I stole it from the fabulous http://www.tinystori.es/.

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