All best

The postdoc often wonders about politeness formulas. For a long time, she wrote Kind regards at the end of her emails, but she slowly realised she was using it even when she didn’t feel any kindness towards the recipient (as in Dear X, as per my last two reminders, would you be able to send your review of paper 256 ASAP? Kind regards.) So she switched to All the best, which she shortens as All best when she’s a) terribly busy, or b) slightly annoyed.

Today, she’s tired and twice already, has written All bets instead of All best. Upon consideration, it seems appropriately ambiguous. It’s something between Try and guess how I feel about you right now and I have absolutely no idea how to fix the above problem, so let’s do what we always do: toss a coin and hope for the best.

She presses Send, just to see.